Our visit to Philly

Published: December 17th, 2007 by Anna
Category: Mommy Posts

This weekend we went to Philadelphia. 2 trains and 2 subways later, Kaylee was a pro at traveling. What a fun trip we had!

Amtrak tickets Traveling to Philly

The Woody Guthrie Archives and the Guthrie Family were honored at the Philadelphia Folksong Society’s 50 Anniversary. So we went down to attend and participate in the event. Sarah Lee, Johnny, Olivia, & Sophie were all there too!

Olivia & Kaylee

(This is Olivia Nora holding Kaylee!)

We stayed in a great hotel, got to reunite with an old high school friend, and had a really fun time together!

Kaylee in the pillows

Can’t wait until our next trip – next week when we go to Rhode Island for my cousin’s wedding!

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