Kaylee Laughing and Having Fun

Published: February 28th, 2008 by Scott
Category: Daddy Posts, Videos

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4 Comments to “Kaylee Laughing and Having Fun”


This is so sweet!!! Loved spending time with Anna and Kaylee at Mohonk. Just delicious. It’s so funny…..sometimes her voice sounds so much like Anna’s did when she was a baby. It makes me smile when I hear that. Love you all so much. May Kaylee’s laughter be a river of joy in your day.


hahaha kaylee if ju thinks THATS fun, just wait until jour old enough to chunderstand uncle coles jokes, it will be soo punny.


Hehe.. what a cutie. Can’t wait to see her (and you guys) again.



Just loved the sound of her baby laugh. She is too cute. Enjoy every precious moment with her.

Aunt Maria

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