Kaylee’s Playdate Backstage with her Cousins

Published: March 9th, 2008 by Scott
Category: Daddy Posts, Pictures, Videos

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4 Comments to “Kaylee’s Playdate Backstage with her Cousins”

louise hoffman broach

They’re adorable, and so is Oni, Sarah’s older daughter. And, Rayne says hi, Anna. We would love to see you again, in person!



It’s so great that you are a techno wiz, Scott. How much fun it’s going to be to have this whole Kaylee archive for her to see how she was when she grows up. So sweet… all the cousins. Love you so much, Aunt Liv


She makes me laugh out loud! Can you hear me all the way from Florida, little Kaylee?!


Great shots. Funny how K was so interested in the hair brushing! Just like a girl. Do you think I could borrow her cousin’s hat? So adorable. Hugs to all.

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