Playing outside!

Published: April 2nd, 2008 by Anna
Category: Mommy Posts

We went outside this weekend to play in our front yard.  What fun.  It was Kaylee’s first time being able to be on dirt and grass.  At first she didn’t like it, but then she started enjoying it.  She’ll warm up to it as we do it more frequently.

Playing outdoors     Playing outdoors     Playing outdoors     Playing outdoors    

Thanks for the beautiful sweater Auntie Lisa!  Kaylee LOVED it – especially the mittens.

Playing outdoors

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10 Comments to “Playing outside!”


She is the most beutiful baby in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rockin’ the Converse. Good girl.


She’s simply ADORABLE!!!
Lisa, her sweater is beautiful! Did you make it, I guess?

Love to you all 😉
Nancy 😉


*What a proud Papa!

*Ashleigh – Good eye! Agostino bought them for her. They’re just too cute.

*Nancy – Yes, Lisa made her that beautiful sweater! It fits her perfectly.


It’s good to see that, much like her godfather, she enjoys a nice stick.


love her 🙂


my favorite is the third picture, facial expressions, like mother like daughter


She is adorable! What a great model. I am almost finished with her spring sweater. She’ll look like a beautiful little ducky!
Hugs and kisses..
Auntie Lisa
P.S. Her mommie looks quite beautiful also!


Definately the cutest baby ever! Love the pink converse!!!!


Soon she will be playing in the sand in RI.
She is so beautiful!


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