Gedney Park

Published: April 19th, 2008 by Anna
Category: Mommy Posts

This week I took Kaylee to the park for the first time.  She was so happy to see the other children running and playing.  We went on the swings together and just watched the other kids. 

Gedney Park  Gedney Park  Gedney Park

  Gedney Park  Gedney Park  Gedney Park

And tried to eat the wood chips.  🙂

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6 Comments to “Gedney Park”


Who doesn’t love wood chips?


haha the last picture is definitely my favorite.


She’s adorable. You should have called me. I could have joined you


OMG! She is so beautiful! Also, when we went to NYC, we stopped at Toys R Us and found a cup (ceramic) with the name “Kaylee” on it. I took a picture on my phone, but don’t know how to send it to you.
Love you lots


Oh, Scott & Anna – she is soooo adorable!!
Anna, she looks so much like you, especially in the next to the last picture 😉
They say you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die – they said nothing about wood chips! Then there’s that health cereal, can’t remember what it’s called, that has “sticks” as it’s first ingredient!
Love & hugs, Nancy


Great to be Spring! Wood chips have a lot of fiber.

What a beautiful girl.


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