Happy Halloween!

Published: November 4th, 2008 by Anna
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Hi everyone!  Sorry it’s been so long since we last posted anything on KayleeCanoni.com. 

Catching up
We’ve been traveling, working, playing and just enjoying being a family.  In the last month or two we’ve traveled to San Francisco and got to sing onstage with Sheryl Crow, had a new deck built, renovated a room in our basement, and just got back on Monday from a 10 day trip to Spain!  Whew!  Kaylee has gone everywhere with us and has been an absolute joy to travel with.

Happy Halloween!
This year for Halloween Kaylee was a strawberry, which was the perfect costume since her grandmother, Kay’s birthday was Halloween and she loved strawberries.  Kaylee was a little angel, she handed out candy with her Grandpa to all the kids who came to the door.  In total we probably had around 150 kids and Kaylee just loved it!  She would hold the candy in her hands ready with anticipation of the doorbell ringing. 

dscf2364.JPG     dscf2365.JPG     dscf2378.JPG

dscf2373.JPG     dscf2366.JPG     dscf2370.JPG

Then Scott & Grandpa took her out to knock on a few doors.  Like a good girl, when they answered, she gave them all of her candy.  🙂  So precious.

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6 Comments to “Happy Halloween!”


She is so cute!! She looks alittle like Cole!! We hope to see you soon!!


She is a little doll. How cute. You have been busy! I am in grad school now — how crazy is that??? At 50, I decide to go back!I am still working for the little newspaper, too. I am going to see Arlo on Sunday in Stroudsburg, Pa. — meeting him for a show, but morelooking forward to hanging out with him; told him I needed a break and he said come on down.


Haha Amelia that’s so funny that you thought of me, but I think I’m ready to pass the “Cutest Baby” Award on to Kaylee, I think she deserves it after working so hard to be so damn cute.


Way too cute!!! So who made her strawberry costume? How appropriate! It’s fun to see her helping Grandpa hand out the candy.
Glad you had such great trips!
Love & hugs, Nancy


What a perfect strawberry! What exactly is Scott dressed up as, I noticed the hair?

She is a world traveler already. So glad you had fun.



Hi Scott and Anna,

What a cute little strawberry Kaylee is. I think she looks just like you, Anna. Sorry Scott! Love the pink hair!

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