Halloween 2010 My Experience

Published: November 1st, 2010 by Scott
Category: Daddy Posts

As told by Kaylee herself and edited by Scott Daddy.

I went trick or treating on Halloween dressed as a fairy.  I walked around with Mommy, Daddy and Alexis.  We collected candy and saw houses with spooky decorations.  One house was so scary I didn’t want to go up to it.  There were other trick or treaters on the street.  We got lots of candy.  We walked around and saw pumpkins.  We held hands.

Back home I handed out candy at the door with Grandpa.  One per person.  We had over 200 trick or treaters.  Some costumes were scary but I would give them candy and they would walk away after saying “thank you”.  I liked giving out candy and saying “Happy Halloween”.  We had so many trick or treators that we ran out of candy.

I didn’t want to stop so I offered my own candy that I had just collected.  Daddy and Mommy were so proud of me for being so nice to the trick or treaters.


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