Kaylee’s Letter to Santa

Published: December 23rd, 2011 by Scott
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Here is Kaylee’s letter to Santa.  Happy Holidays Everyone!

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4 Comments to “Kaylee’s Letter to Santa”


Hi Kaylee,

I’m sure you’ve been a very good girl and Santa will get you everything on your list!

Merry Christmas!

Aunt Maria


Hi Kaylee, you write better than I do!!!!!!!

Love, Uncle Joe!!!!!!!


Merry Christmas to All,


All I can say is I see shades of Daddy in the letter to Santa. It all begins with an innocent letter to Santa Claus. Before you know it Kaylee will be coming home with notes from the teacher that she has been a busy little girl putting notes on classmate’s backs. I see where this is going.

Who knows… Maybe the next generation of “Gutherie Songs” will be inspired by Kaylee.

Best wishes, Mary


I LOVE to do new magazines that is why I started.

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